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Clarksville is the place to be for food and fun

Retail & Dining

Clarksville is Southern Indiana’s retail heart, making us the natural home for quirky boutiques, trendy eateries, and everything you and your family need.

Fun always begins here!

North Clarksville

In NORTH CLARKSVILLE, you’ll find the area’s largest retail districts and Southern Indiana’s only Bass Pro Shops location! The area has the perfect mix of the stores you know, like Target, Kroger, Walmart, Lowe’s and Home Depot, as well as popular dining choices.

Central Clarksville

CENTRAL CLARKSVILLE is the community’s traditional retail hub, with streets lined with businesses owned by people you know who are eager to serve you. These days, it’s seeing exciting investments to meet the community’s changing needs, like restaurants serving up traditional favorites from other cultures.

South Clarksville

FAST-GROWING SOUTH CLARKSVILLE is the perfect place for folks who dream of taking a quick stroll to the store and enjoying a cold one with friends on the way home. As today’s up-and-comers snap up local homes and apartments, businesses are sprouting up along Main Street and the surrounding area. You can follow lunch at the Orange Clover with tasty ice cream from Widow’s Walk. And don’t worry about falling out of shape, because you’re right by two CrossFit gyms and a yoga studio!