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Clarksville is the place where your money goes further

Clarksville, Indiana offers an excellent alternative

for people who work in Louisville but want to make their housing and living budgets go further. While our community offers all of the advantages of living in the metro area — and is delightfully close to downtown Louisville — the cost of living is substantially lower. How much lower? On average, just under 11 percent lower!

As an example, the average home price in town is just over $167,000, or 19 percent less than Louisville. Renting is more economical, too, with average rents 16 percent lower.

That’s not all. When you compare other household costs, you’ll see significant advantages when you choose Clarksville. Transportation costs are more than 12 percent less, groceries are 3.3 percent less, and average healthcare costs are 3.4 percent less.

That means every dollar you earn will go further here, so you’ll have more left over to enjoy everything there is to do. No wonder so many people are discovering Clarksville is definitely the place to be and why the path to a good life begins here!