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Clarksville is the place to be for affordable living

Housing in Clarksville

If you’re in search of affordable living in the Louisville metro, it’s hard to beat the many advantages of Clarksville, Indiana. Our community offers a broad range of housing choices in safe neighborhoods at costs well below the rest of the area. For example, the average home price in town is just over $167,000, or 19 percent less than Louisville. Renting is more economical, too, with average rents 16 percent lower. Plus, there’s more room to stretch out and enjoy life when you begin here.

North Clarksville

Is the place for newer and larger homes and apartments. It also stretches into the more rural parts of our community, providing extra breathing room for people who enjoy both country living and in-town convenience.

Central Clarksville

Is a traditional neighborhood that grew in the post-WWII years. Shaded streets full of well-loved starter homes draw young families, while new apartment communities cater to those who prefer to rent.

South Clarksville

Is an up-and-coming community that has a college-town vibe, mixing early well-constructed 20th-century homes with dazzling new apartment communities like the Bolt and Tie, which offers beautiful views of Louisville’s skyline. The area is a magnet for people who want to live where they work and play.